For the first time ever, cult french pop titles such as 7 AM was remixed by cult and hype french DJ's with a kind of Goût Du Son or Daft Punk style !

Who would have thought that French songs written by a 17-year-old girl would travel around the world and become cult anthems for the greatest brands on the world like Louis Vuitton or Bentley ?

Nicknamed the « Lolita Chick » in Japan, Jacqueline won the 1967 Midem Grand Prix !

However, its emblematic title « 7 heures du matin », although already well known to professionals, will take many years to fall into the ears of the public before becoming definitively essential.

Nothing predisposed Jacqueline to become the icon of vintage pop made in France. The artist quickly turned into a formidable songwriter capable of writing French hits for Michel Fugain and many others French artists and above all international hits with one made for a young New Yorker lady. « Ready to Follow you » that Dana Dawson wore on all the feverish stages of the world.

After many other projects including a musical with Yves Montand or Maurane, Jacqueline Taïeb becomes an iron in the land of the rising sun where young Tokoyoites pass her reissued album under the cloak.

 Advertising quickly seized on the phenomenom and the « Lolita Chic » was to become one of the most used Frenc women to illustrate great movies (« La Guerre est déclarée » by Valérie Donzelli…) or TV Series (The Serpent, Russian Dolls,…) and especially international marketing campaings. Her music will thus become essential for Lolita Lempicka (So Lolita), Axe, Google Home, Bentley, Louis Vuitton, Les 3 Suisses…

This time, it’s the whole planet that had discovered her music. Her titles will no longer leave the turntables of all the trendy places of the globe… From New York to Tokyo, Paris or London. Several hype groups and artists wants to get closer to Jacqueline, like the Danish from  « The Asteroids Galaxy Tour » or Julien Doré, Tahiti 80 in France. The titles of the most swingin’ French Londoner never cease to delight new listeners who discover her pop hits… Jacqueline Taïeb’s songs have kept the freshness of her twenties !

 As many DJs are already sampling her cult masters, an album will soon bring together the crème de la crème of her best recordings, remixed by a collective of French DJs called « Le Goût Du Son » :

PLAY IT LIKE JACQUELINE… Six pure remix and edits gems that have kept the magic of the Frenchy sound of our national Jacqueline by adding a current groove that will allow you to dance until the end of the night. An album, certified and validated by the icon herself, who keeps her ears open and never ceases to be interested in current music.

To discover : Remix version of « 7 heures du matin » by MikeandTess or the BootyShake remix of « Bravo » 

The French Lolita is not done grooving !